Gennaio 31, 2018

Provys MAM on Zvezda TV Channel

The new full-cycle complex of the digital media ingest, processing, storing and transferring to playout servers was implemented at Zvezda TV channel by the specialists of OKNO TV company together with the engineers of Provys Moscow office supporting by the staff of Zvezda Technical department.

MediaPower News | Provys MAM on Zvezda TV Channel

The basis of the complex is Provys Media Asset Management module, member ofProvys TVoffice family. The upgrade to the newest version ofProvys TVoffice system was fulfilled in the scope of the project (the previous version was exploited since 2008 and proved to be an extremely reliable one, but the need of the new functionality provided by the new version, including MAM, caused the necessity of upgrade).

The following targets were achieved during the implementation:

  • Modernization of the enterprise network infrastructure and the aggregation of the media content processing complex including ADIC Scalar i6000 tape library, EMC storage and Harmonic Carbone Coder transcoding system.

Systems core is built on server platform of high level of fault tolerance having 100% basic components reservation. Provys MAM system provides the work of up to 50 current users with possibility ofthe simple extension up to 100 simultaneously working users without the modernization of data base servers.

  • Automatization of the ingesting, processing, archiving and content delivery processes.

System supports the transfer of the orders for content digitizing to Ingest Dept. with the further binding of the created files with the corresponding entities in system database. The low-res proxy is automatically created in the process of import. The processes of the archiving and restoring of content from archive are fully automatic as well.

System performs the uploading ofvideo in pre-defined format with automatical logo overlay, and provides the transformation of formats (containers) of video files with the help of transcoding servers if necessary. For the pre-defined types of programsystem automatically uploads the content in «catch up» mode for the publishing at TV channel web site or at Youtube channel.

  • Integration with ADC-1000 broadcast automation system.

System automatically performs the delivery of the necessary content to playout servers in accordance with the approved broadcast schedule. In the situation of "last minute change" system will form the highest priority assignment for the necessary copying tasks, providing the fastest access to the content in broadcast storing systems.

  • Integration with Final Cut Pro и Adobe Premiere non-liner video-editing systems.

Provys MAM provides the opportunity to send any material for the video editing to Final Cut Pro / Adobe Premiere editing station. The editor doesn't need to take care about the file accessibility at the operative storage, he/she just opens project file and starts working. System will automatically restore the necessary files from the archive, and on-line request system will prompt video editor what is necessary to do and what name to form a new file with.

The user can form the EDL for the set of several files with TC in/out points indication, which can be downloaded to video editing workstation. System also is able to form the requested file in accordance with the pre-compiled EDL-labels.

  • The creation of on-line ordering system for preview, correction and confirmation of content.

The workflows of content preparation for the transmission are built on the base of on-line orders equipped by the system of priority assigning and required deadline setting. Employee knows exactly the volume of his/her work and can plan the loading correspondingly.

  • The functionality for break points setting and metadata description, basing on frame-accurate low-res preview.

Working with Provys TV Office client application and using the embedded player, user has an opportunity to set the points of commercial breaks and graphical events and create the exhausting description of the content. This data can be used instantly in the process of broadcast schedule preparation without any additional synchronization.


About Zvezda
Zvezda is a nationwide TV network run by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

OKNO-TV is the leading system integrator in the Russian Federation. Founded in 1991, today OKNO-TV is the largest company specializing in design and modernization of TV channels, leading in the technical design of TV studios.

The link to the original news article (published by Provys) is as follows:

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