Maggio 14, 2020

Arkki EVO DAM Sports New Features

New Collaborative Workflow, Productivity, and Security Features in Arkki EVO DAM

Collaborative Workflows. Productivity. Security. All of these are critical facets of any Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. As such, we’re excited to deliver new features to Arkki EVO DAM that improve collaborative workflows, productivity, and security!

MediaPower News | Arkki EVO DAM Sports New FeaturesArkki EVO is MediaPower’s advanced digital asset management (DAM) platform that is built on sophisticated technologies (like elastic graph networks, and NoSQL databases). It brings user and data-centric features front and center to manage the lifecycle and delivery of digital assets (video and otherwise). Arkki EVO also uses an advanced SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) that delivers scalability and maximum flexibility—whether used as a video-centric Media Asset Manager (MAM) or full-scale DAM.

Since the launch of Arkki EVO in IBC 2019 last September, our development engineers have been hard at work to bring significant enhancements to Arkki EVO as part of its development plan. Some of these new features have been rolled out to our early adopters, who we also have to thank for helping us improve Arkki EVO overall.

The majority of these new features are geared towards enhancing collaborative workflows and system integrations. Other updates improve search, security, and cloud support. The full list of features are as follows:

  • Dropbox Uploader — For teams or users whose workflow includes the use of Dropbox folders for collaboration, users can now easily move or copy files to (export) Dropbox using a simple and easy-to-use wizard.

  • WebDAV Disk Spaces — WebDAV spaces can now be mounted into Arkki EVO as separate disk storage for collaborative authoring. Users can copy or move assets from the asset library directly into WebDAV disks within Arkki EVO.

  • Pro-level EXIF metadata viewer and editor — EXIF metadata can now be extracted from files imported into the asset library, where they can be viewed, mapped against Arkki EVO asset metadata, and edited directly. EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) metadata include date and time information, camera settings, thumbnails, description, and copyright information, etc.

  • Adobe XMP metadata support — To enhance Adobe creative design workflows, XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) metadata from Adobe files (like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator) can now be extracted when imported into the asset library. XMP metadata include vital project information (such as titles and descriptions, searchable keywords, up-to-date author, copyright information, references, stylesheets, headers, and thumbnails). Arkki EVO can also set/edit this metadata information.

  • Spaces for asset organization — On top of asset collections, categories, and tags, digital assets in the asset catalog can now be organized into Spaces, simple folder-like object storage (bucket structure) for added asset organization flexibility.

  • Arkki EVO Transfer utility — To extend collaborative workflows outside the organization, a new transfer utility is available for sending (and receiving) files to guest users like customers, suppliers, or other external parties. This new Transfer utility provides an easy-to-use but secure interface to access assets through a download link, complete with different data protection methods like password, time/data protection, or email protection features. The same utility can be used for external user uploads.

  • New more powerful API — To enhance external system integration, a faster and more powerful API is now available so that external systems or applications can manage (read, create, update, delete, organize) digital assets and workflows in the Arkki EVO system. This new RESTful API allows for significantly better performance in external system integration (more requests, lesser bandwidth) where millions of requests per hour can easily be handled.

  • Even faster and more efficient search — Information retrieval algorithms have been further optimized, resulting in faster and more efficient searches. Faster, more efficient searches mean less time wasted and higher productivity.

  • Data Mask support for GDPR compliance — GDPR compliance features (privacy by design and by default) continue to be enhanced with the addition of a Data Masking feature. This Data Masking feature enforces pseudonymization and anonymization, which are part of EU GDPR regulations to protect identities and ensure privacy.

  • Support for OVH, AWS, DigitalOcean — Arkki EVO’s SoA (Service-oriented Architecture) enables deployment into scalable silo services or distributed SAAS environments, both on-premises and on the cloud. Support for Cloud Service providers OVH, Amazon Web Services, and DigitalOcean has been added to provide Arkki EVO users the flexibility to choose their Cloud Service provider in cloud-based deployments.

  • Enhanced security with reverse proxy — Secure remote access to the asset library has been enhanced with support for Reverse Proxy. Users log in to their company (or Arkki EVO-based) URL transparently, but security is tightened through a reverse proxy server protecting the Arkki EVO backend (masking Arkki server location).

  • Control room health monitoring — A new System Manager instance is now available to allow system status monitoring using standard Open Source software, libraries, and plugins such as NAGIOS and MRTG. This enables Arkki EVO to be monitored from control room environments like Broadcast Control rooms or IT Operations centers.

  • CentOS Support — Arkki EVO can now be installed on CentOS 7/8 operating system (in addition to Ubuntu 18/20), giving IT teams the power and flexibility of choice in their system deployments.

  • Enhanced Archive System Features — Arkki EVO continues to improve archiving features in compliance with common archiving systems, including Italian archiving regulations and standards (Direzione Generali Archivi).

We commit to continuously improve our Arkki EVO DAM, and we will also continue to work with our existing customers to further enhance Arkki EVO based on actual use and real-world environments. We hope these new features can help you adopt DAMs and help you implement company-wide collaborations centered on your valuable digital assets.

If you want to find out more about Arkki EVO DAM and its new features, visit or email us at We’d be happy to show you a demo too, we’re just that excited.


Francisco Fronda
Marketing Director, MediaPower

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