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Integration and Support

As an industry leader recognized by broadcasting networks in Italy, France and across Europe, MediaPower has earned its place at the forefront of service delivery. With over 20 years of experience and industry expertise in project management, vendor selection, file-based workflow implementations, media work ow support and systems integration, MediaPower delivers advanced integration and support services that complement its top-of-the-line products.

Workflow Integration

Media integration deployments can be complex and confusing, as managing the multitudes of vendors and products involved can only be considered daunting at best. With viewers constantly demanding more compelling and personalized experiences, service providers cannot afford the risk of misjudging the abilities of their product deployments. Therefore, it is imperative that products and services used for deployments be functional, reliable and work well together quickly.

MediaPower provides integration services which “cover the gaps” and take the hassle out of media deployment integration, solution testing and custom development work. MediaPower understands that having a quick time-to-market, without sacrificing quality of delivery, is crucial in today's market. We also understand that what works in the lab won’t always work when launched commercially. Consequently, we are aware that service providers need battle-tested solutions that will guarantee a reliable performance. With MediaPower’s over 20 years of industry experience, you can be rest assured that we take every measure necessary to deliver the deployable media solutions of tomorrow, today.

MediaPower has overseen and executed countless revenue-critical deployments for some of the world's largest cable Broadcasters. Products and solutions from both MediaPower and third parties were used for these projects, including:

 ✓ Media Asset Management and Work ow Solutions
 ✓ Video Server Technologies
 ✓ Distributed and Centralized Storage Platforms - NAS & SAN
 ✓ Content Delivery Network (CDN) Deployments
 ✓ Web Portal Applications
 ✓ Encoder and Transcoder Technologies

Education and Training

Operators’ investments in MediaPower solutions are maximized with our strategic Education and Training plan, through which new users are efficiently trained and prepared for the various phases of the solution life cycle — from implementation and planning to deployment and ongoing support.

System operations and system maintenance training classes are readily available to any individual who uses, operates, configures or supports MediaPower's sophisticated computing systems. You can either attend training classes at one of our MediaPower training facilities, or decide to take them in your operating facilities with our certified instructors.

Overall, our offerings provide operators with the tools to get the most out of their implementation, help accelerate ROI, steadily increase employee acceptance and, most importantly, improve self-reliance.

Choose your ideal learning environment:

 ✓ YOUR SITE – Experience the convenience of having our certified instructors go to your operating facility to train your staff in person.
 ✓ OUR SITE – Receive certified, instructor-led training at one of our four training centers — our locations: Genova, Italy; Nice, France; Dubai, UAE; and London, United Kingdom.

Technical Support

MediaPower is dedicated to providing clients with outstanding technical support and ensuring they can take full advantage of our solutions. Boasting three in-house support centers — located in APAC, EMEA and the AMERICAS — our engineering and technical support teams deliver reliable 24/7 tech support worldwide.

Maintenance Services
MediaPower provides full system maintenance for your products during its warranty period. This includes:

 ✓ 24/7 Telephone Technical Support
 ✓ Software Maintenance
 ✓ Hardware Maintenance
 ✓ Return-to-factory Repair or Replacement (Advanced parts Exchange)

MediaPower also provides an annually renewable Post Warranty Maintenance Agreement which allows you to continue all maintenance services once your warranty has expired.

Telephone Technical Support Hotline
Our primary support method is our Telephone Technical Support Hotline. Through it, you can access any MediaPower service activity, including:

 ✓ Technical or operational inquiries
 ✓ System failure diagnosis and repair
 ✓ Defective parts replacement

Italy: +39 (010) 848 0009
France: +33 (4) 83 93 50 70

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