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Integration and Support

As an industry leader recognized by broadcasting networks in Italy, France and across Europe, MediaPower has earned its place at the forefront of service delivery. With over 20 years of experience and industry expertise in project management, vendor selection, file-based workflow implementations, media workflow support and systems integration, MediaPower delivers advanced integration and support services that complement its top-of-the-line products.

Workflow Integration

Media integration deployments can be complex and confusing. The magnitude of bringing dozens of vendors and products into play can be daunting at best. With viewers consistently demanding a more compelling and personalized experience, service providers do not have the luxury of misjudging the abilities of their product deployments. This means the products and services selected for deployment need to work well together, and quickly.

MediaPower provides integration services to cover the gaps and take the hassle out of media deployment integration, solution testing, and custom development work. MediaPower understands that a quick time-to-market without sacrificing quality of delivery is crucial in today's market. We also understand that what works in the lab isn't always going to work when commercially deployed. We know service providers need a battle-tested solution that will reliably perform when called upon. With MediaPower, you can utilize proven experts with over 20 years of television expertise, who will ensure that the right measures are taken to deliver the commercially deployable media solutions of tomorrow, today.

To date, MediaPower has been trusted with revenue-critical deployments in some of the world's largest cable Broadcasters with products and solutions from both MediaPower and third parties, including:

 ✓ Media Asset Management and workflow solutions
 ✓ Video server technologies
 ✓ Distributed and centralized storage platforms - NAS & SAN
 ✓ Content Delivery Network (CDN) deployments
 ✓ Web portal applications
 ✓ Encoder and transcoder technologies

Education and Training

Operators' investment in MediaPower solutions is maximized through a strategic education plan that will prepare their team for each phase of the solution's life cycle: from implementation and planning to deployment and ongoing support.

MediaPower's offerings give operators the tools to get the most from their implementation, accelerate ROI, drive employee acceptance, and increase self-reliance. Whether at the customer's site or at MediaPower training facilities, system operations and system maintenance training classes, are available to people that use, operate, configure and support MediaPower's sophisticated computing systems.

Choose the ideal learning environment:

 ✓ OPERATOR'S SITE - Experience the convenience of having our certified instructors go to the operators? facility to train their staff.
 ✓ OUR SITE - Receive certified, instructor-led training at our training centers located in Genova, Italy - Saint Laurent Du Var France - Dubai - London

Technical Support

Whether implementing MediaPower's hardware, software or integrated offerings, MediaPower provides technical support services that help you fully leverage MediaPower solutions whenever and wherever needed. With two decades of experience and expertise in broadcast, our in-house engineering and technical support teams deliver 24 x 7 technical support services world wide through 3 regional support centers strategically located in APAC, EMEA, and the AMERICAS.

Maintenance Services
MediaPower provides full system maintenance during the respective product's warranty period that includes:

 ✓ 24 by 7 Telephone Technical Support
 ✓ Software Maintenance
 ✓ Hardware Maintenance
 ✓ Return-to-factory Repair or Replacement (Advanced parts Exchange)

MediaPower also offers an annually renewable Post Warranty Maintenance Agreement that continues all services provided under warranty.

Telephone Technical Support Hotline
The primary support vehicle is the Telephone Technical Support Hot line. It is used to initiate any MediaPower service activity such as:

 ✓ Technical or operational inquiries
 ✓ System failure diagnosis and repair
 ✓ Defective parts replacement

Italy: +39 010 848 0009
France: +33 4 83 93 50 70

L1/L2 Hotline Support for Manufacturers

MediaPower Services also offers L1/L2 support services to other manufacturers and media companies who do not have a 24x7 support organization, or want to realize cost savings by outsourcing product technical support. The collective experience and expertise of our team of storage engineers and broadcast professionals, combined with our 24x7 infrastructure, can help you realize critically valuable 24x7 support operations.

Our L1/L2 Hotline Support Services deliver:
 ✓ a highly-skilled technical support team
 ✓ 24 x 7 x 365 operation
 ✓ powerful Salesforce-based tracking database
 ✓ dedicated hotline numbers
 ✓ regular provision of activity and statistics reports
 ✓ optional dedicated services personnel
 ✓ optional logistics support

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