MediaPower Flagship Products
Our homegrown solutions
help empower modern day
media workflows

MediaPower develops and manufactures its own array of high vaue-for-money hardware and software solutions for the broadcast and media industry. With its turnkey products, MediaPower aims to help broadcasters and media providers attain cost effective operations, deliver services faster, and tap into other revenue opportunities.

Our Flagship Products


NewsTouch is a standalone, multimedia presentation appliance for a live broadcasting environment. It is a touch-based presentation system that features scroll, zoom, rotate and interactive drawing tools, controlled by easy-to-master and intuitive gestures.


AirGo is a scalable multi-channel SDI & IP broadcasting platform that also serves as a turnkey solution for multi-channel broadcasting combining automation, playout, and interactive graphics in one system with up to 30TB of built-in storage.

Click and Buy

Click and Buy is a highly interactive video player designed for online retail stores. It enables a fully configurable and interactive video player for your site visitors to purchase products shown in videos.


NewsApp is a powerful media sharing platform that enables two-way media sourcing and sharing platform between organizations and their users through a branded mobile application.


Give’s App allows non-profit organisa/ons to create individualised networks for their loyal and dedicated donors, allowing them to be fully immersed and involved with the cause they support.

NextGen OTT

MediaPower Next Gen OTT is an end-to-end solution for managing, producing and distributing Live and On Demand Video over the Internet.

Arkki EVO

Arkki EVO is a powerful and innovative digital asset management platform that enables you to store, catalog, share, edit, retrieve, and distribute all types of digital assets quickly and efficiently.


Arkki INGEST is MediaPower’s intelligent multi-channel video capture and recording solution for broadcast, media, and production studios.