June 19, 2020

New Whitepaper on Digital Preservation

A Guide to Videotapes Digitization, Logging, and Archive

“Preservation is the totality of the steps necessary to ensure the permanent accessibility – forever – of an audiovisual document with the maximum integrity.”

Many activities contribute to “permanent accessibility – forever.” In the 21st century, we are now at a stage where much audiovisual material from the 20th century is in analog form – and the only practical option for “permanent accessibility – forever” is by going digital.

MediaPower News | New Whitepaper on Digital Preservation
In this Digital Preservation whitepaper, our CTO Paolo Birra discusses a commercial and technological strategy in digitizing, logging, and archiving videotapes for the purpose of Digital Preservation.  This guide covers an overview of digitization and digital obsolescence, considerations for data selection, digitization strategy, migration through robotic automation and using MediaPower's Arkki EVO Digital Asset Manager as a core technology in digital asset management and archiving.  


If you want to find out more about Arkki EVO Digital Asset Manager, visit www.media-power.it/site/en/arkki-evo.php or email us at info@media-power.it. We’d be happy to show you a demo too.

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