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Easy Media Suite

As TV viewing evolves, so do broadcast playout and automation solutions. These solutions now have to be more cost-efficient and scalable and easily deployable - whether for a small TV channel to a large and fully automated media center.

Easy Media Suite (EMS) is one of the leading manufacturers of solutions for Playout, CG, Ingest, Media Asset Management, DVB Analyzer, IP Multi-Viewer, TV Broadcast Automation and many other customized solutions for broadcast applications. EMS was formed in 2006 as a brand of Devtek, a universally established company with global sales outlets, when it delivered its first system on the same year. In keeping with ever-changing TV landscape, EMS brings to market module-based software solutions for different TV broadcast requirements, through its team of dedicated engineers, developers and system architects.

Easy Media Suite (EMS) is an easy to use module-based broadcast ingest, playout, and automation product suite that works in both simple and complex applications - from small local TV channel to a large and fully automated Media Center. EMS modules comprise many different aspects of the TV Broadcast workflow and can work individually, integrate with other workflow components, or work as multiple modules of a full product suite.

Easy Media Suite

Playout and Automation

Easy on Air is an easy to use single or multi- channel playout available in SD, HD and 4K. It is universal and stable application that is putting you on Air 24/7. It can work perfectly like standalone Chan- nel or it can be fully automated via Easy Net Controller, Easy MAM, Easy QC and Easy Playlist Editor. Easy OnAir is one of the few Playouts on the Broadcast Market, which has integrated CG.

Easy Playlist Editor is an user friendly soft- ware, that helps the users to create quick playlists o ine-single or multiple playlists. It is full integrated with the EMS Automa- tion (Easy NetControl, Easy MAM and Easy QC) which makes the process of going on Air-easy, fast, professional and totally auto- mated. Playlists can be prepared as per dif- ferent criteria and parameters that the cus- tomer set in our Easy Mam and Easy Traffic.

Easy Net Control is the software, that man- ages, control and automate all the pro- cesses and modules from Easy Media Suite Portfolio.Via it you can control, manage sin- gle channel or multi channels remotely. Everybody are speaking for full automa- tion, but what real automation means sav- ing from investment, saving from employ- ees, this is what Easy Net Control will do. Except managing many channels from one person, you will also sleep good, because for every fails or change in the system you will receive an email - warning you.

Easy Media Suite

Channel Graphics

Easy CG is a comprehensive software that allows any TV Channel to put their graphics on Air straight away without any compromise in quality and flexibility. It is perfectly designed for News Channels, Weather Channels, Business Channels, music Channels and for anyone that wants to brand its Channel easily with fast and eye-catching graphics.

Easy Media Suite


Easy Ingest - Any broadcaster knows that the first phase in any work ow is the ingest process. Our Easy Ingest changed the common definition for it, because of the additional functionalities that it has. Easy Ingest can capture, record, stream, transcode any kind of video les simultane- ously. High level Solution, that is perfectly suitable for any media production environment.


Easy Multiview is a software-only application that allows users to view and control multiple remote systems from a single desktop. You can view any common source-IP, Analogue or SDI Any source IP, Analog or SDI. You can view them or record, depend on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you need to view single or multichannel, the quality of the picture and the flexibility of the Product simply gives you the perfect idea of what is on Air.


Easy stream is an application , that is perfectly designed for Playout Centers. It is giving the easy opportunity to send their signals from a local studio directly to the main Location via metro Ethernet. It makes the way between local and main facilities shorter, faster and providing additional expense savings.

Easy Multi Stream - Just imagine, that you want to view every camera in your facility separately , when they are located in an office, that is not on the same location, like you are, and you have only one network available, then you can encode with Easy MultiStream and convert them to a bucket stream and you can check the camera outputs one by one.

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