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Ingest, Storage, and Archive Solutions for Avid Workflows

Quadrus Technology

Quadrus Technology creates tools for streamling Avid workflows that won't cost you your budget. These tools and solutions include shared storage, ingest, logging and playout and file based ingest with proxy.

Quadrus Technology

Ingest Machine

Ingest Machine is a powerful and flexible multi-channel, multi-format recording software.

It can capture multiple SD/HD-SDI streams from live or deck sources directly to the Avid Unity ISIS and check-in to the Avid Interplay.

Ingest Machine supports such innovative capabilities as scheduled capture, optional fallback storage and multi-camera control.

• Encodes up to 8 streams simultaneously in Avid MXF or MOV format
• Write to multiple destinations simultaneously
• Generate proxy H.264 stream (800Kbps or 2Mbps)
• Supports all Avid Media Composer metadata
• Check in clips in Avid Interplay database with headframe generation
• Stores clips directly on Avid Unity ISIS, and optionally on a local disk attached to the ingest workstation
• “Frame Chase Editing” capability
• Controls decks using Sony RS422 protocol for frame accurate capturing and batch scheduling
• «Live Cut» capability allows to create edit sequence on the fly

Quadrus Technology

Media Ingest

Media Ingest is a «one click» tool to move your media and metadata to Avid Unity ISIS and check in to Avid Interplay.
Media Ingest product has number of innovations, such as creation of Avid sequence on the fly and generation of proxy files.

• Compatible with Sony XDCAM UDF/FAT (Optical ans SxS) and Panasonic P2 formats
• Creates Avid MXF and MOV media files
• Generate proxy media files (800Kbps or 2Mbps)
• Allow to ingest to several destinations simultaneously
• Does not require an editor for ingesting
• Supports automatic hands free operation
• Preserves all enhanced camera metadata
• Avid Interplay check-in with head frame generation
• Enables descriptive metadata insertion and modification
• Automatically generates Avid Media Composer sequence

Shared Storage

Quadrus Shared Storage is management software for Windows based Network File Server (NAS).

It provides the File Server with «Unity-like» capability: Avid Media Composer attached to the File Server with Quadrus Shared Storage software installed will switch on the project/media sharing capabilities and bin locking features.

Quadrus Shared Storage is licensed per NAS server; it supports as many clients as will fit the storage size and network bandwidth for accessing the files.

• Native Avid Media Composer integration
• Unlimited Windows clients — no per-client fee
• Shared project support
• Bin locking support
• Server based on Windows Server 2008 R2
• Clients for Mac and Windows platform


Quadrus Archive is an easy-to-use software for archiving, consolidating and restoring complete Avid Media Composer projects and all their associated files including: Bins, Sequences, Media Files, Attics, Settings. It is an ideal tool to organize Avid Project life cycle. It can also be used to take Avid Media Composer Project off site and merge changed files after editing.

• Scans for Avid projects and all associated Avid project files
• Intuitive and simple interface
• Find all media files belonging to an Avid Project
• Provide information on the space occupancy of an Avid Project
• Archive/Restore Avid Media Composer project from drive/tape
• Consolidate all project media files on the specified workspace or external drive/tape
• Front Porch integration

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