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Epiphan Systems
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Epiphan Systems

MediaPower delivers cutting-edge video capture, streaming and recording solutions with Epiphan systems. Epiphan Video builds some of the world’s most reliable audio visual communication solutions for education, healthcare, live event production, manufacturing, security and transportation. Epiphan's field-proven video grabbers and professional streaming and recording products capture, record and stream video from just about any source.

Epiphan Systems

Video Capture

Whether you want to share with friends, colleagues or the whole world, don’t be limited by what you can show from your desktop or with a webcam. Video grabbers let you digitally capture video from any source. Record it, share it, stream it, teach it, edit it, mix it and make something new with it.

Epiphan’s video grabbers are the preferred choice of AV professionals who value reliability, exceptional quality and exceptional support.

Epiphan Systems

Streaming and Recording

When you want high quality HD recordings and multiple simultaneous live streams, you need professional streaming and recording systems. Epiphan products offer a balance between function and portability with options ranging from lightweight portable units to scalable rack mounted solutions. Deciding which system meets your needs comes down to the input sources, live streaming capabilities, storage capacity, resolutions they support.

Suitable for Pro AV events and conferences, mission-critical systems, diagnostic medicine systems or classroom lecture recording, the uses are limited only by your imagination.

Epiphan Systems

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