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ProMAX Platform
Purpose built workflow servers

ProMAX Platform

ProMAX's range of high powered shared storage devices and workflow servers are purpose-built to improve the efficiency of the content creation process whether in Film/TV, broadcast, post production, education, government, corporate or other industries - from ingest to archive.

ProMAX Platform

ProMAX Platform Servers

The Platform Server family of products are the only purpose built workflow servers that grow as your needs grow. From the Portable to the Online, processing power, storage capacity, and user connectivity can be added without throwing away your previous investment.

• Built in asset management
• High performance Xeon CPUs with built-in transcoding
• Server rendering for Adobe After Effects & Maxon Cinema 4D
• Multi-Node Scale-Out Architecture
• Project Management with Avid Native Project Sharing (Bin Locking)

PLATFORM PORTABLE - Share Everything, Anywhere
Ideal for teams working on the go
• Easily repurpose existing 3rd Party storage including Thunderbolt, FW, and USB drives to create a shared storage environment
• Quickly find, preview, tag and organize your media assets with built-in Asset Management software
• Automatic proxy transcoding provides offline media preview, even on disconnected drives
• Up to 2TB on board SSD storage

PLATFORM STUDIO - Big Performance for Smaller Teams
Ideal for small studios and facilities
• Enjoy near silent operation for office environments and expand up to 64TB per Node
• Ingest content simply with built in Card Reader and connectivity for Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, and Firewire built in.
• Optional built-in LTO provides simple backup and Archive to tapes holding 2.5 to 5 TB’s each.

PLATFORM ONLINE - Faster Workflows, Better Creative
Offering huge power and expandability
• The most powerful workflow server in the industry capable of ingesting, editing, transcoding, rendering and archiving simultaneously.
• Safety and redundancy features include dual redundant mirrored SSD OS Drives, dual redundant power supplies, raid controller battery backup and USB recovery drive.
• Increase internal memory to 512GB creates a powerful remote render node for After Effects and Cinema 4D

PLATFORM NEARLINE - Think Bigger, Work Faster
Capacity and speed meet affordability
• Get a massive 288 TB storage density in a small 4U form factor with expandability up to 864TB per node
• Transfer media projects between online storage and nearline storage with the intuitive browser software
• Available 20 core CPU’s allow the nearline device to be used for transcoding and rendering Scale up to multiple Petabytes with muti-node architecture

PLATFORM PRO-CACHE - Network Backup and Archive
Connect to your existing network for simple yet powerful backup and archiving
• Powerful workflow server capability like all ProMAX Platform Devices
• Full catalog of files copied to tape with full file and metadata search
• Generate Proxies for all video assets before copying to tape
• LTO6 and LTO7 models with 10GB of disk storage

ProMAX Platform

Boost Workflow Efficiency by 40%

Get back to being creative. Imagine your storage could enhance your workflow. Platform does just that. Platform’s multi-faceted capabilities will relieve you and your team of mundane repetitive tasks, speeding your output and giving more time to focus on creativity. Here’s how...

• Capture direct to shared storage - Platform lets you connect cameras or switchers directly to your shared storage for faster access to live content. Get an efficiency boost of up to 5% (1-2 hours of copying data from drives to editing system).

• Online editing from shared storage - Collaborate, Edit, Design in Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer, or Apple Final Cut Pro directly on Platform. Get an efficiency boost of up to 5% (1-2 hours editor’s time).

• Network rendering - Instead of wasting precious creative time waiting for renders on your workstation, offload them to Platform. Get an efficiency boost of up to 10% (4+ hours of time waiting for renders to be done).

• Media preparation & conversion - Directly offload transcoding to Platform’s servers for faster, easier delivery. Get an efficiency boost of up to 15% (6 + hours of transcoding per project).

• Project-based Media Asset Management - Platform’s built-in MAM software enables automatic indexing and metadata management for media so you can easily find, preview, tag, and organize your assets. Get an efficiency boost of to 5% (1-2 hours of copying data from drives to editing system).

• Archival and delivery - Keep your assets safe with High-Speed Direct-to-LTO Backup and Delivery on Standard LTO Tape formats. Get a 100% safety boost.

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