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In this digital age, where the sheer amount and demand for content are unprecedented, and content access requires ubiquity, every organization faces the challenge of addressing explosive content growth while effectively managing libraries and adding value to their digital assets by making them available anywhere. Simply put, the proliferation of content necessitates better ways to store and manage digital content—whether that be media files, branded materials, or documentation.

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MediaPower takes asset management to new heights with Arkki EVO, a powerful and innovative digital asset manager that enables you to store, catalog, share, edit, retrieve, and distribute digital assets quickly and efficiently. Arkki EVO is a global content platform that lets you manage all types of assets and asset correlations effectively.

Built on a dynamic and scalable architecture, Arkki EVO lets you take control of your digital content through its data-driven and user-centered features, so that you can focus on your core business and less time on searching and managing the right digital asset.

Arkki EVO provides an online proxy library of digital content with enterprise-level features and powerful tools accessible from any web browser or mobile device. Users can upload, process, edit, download and share multiple assets and projects, proofed with version history that enables monitoring and analysis of a digital asset’s updates and duplications. It is also fully integrated with blockchain standards (Merkle Tree concept) for extending security and content ownership.

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Powerful and Dynamic Features

Arkki EVO incorporates a robust set of features from the types of file it supports, to unique and powerful data structures, built-in video editing capabilities, and OTT streaming capability:

  • Asset Collections- Create, edit, and share collections of assets between users.
  • Different File TYpes Supported- Full range of multimedia files, images, and documents, with OCR support.
  • "Liquid" Database + Link Object - Deep graph structures with unique Link Object for asset correlation.
  • Storage Management - Store assets in different storage and archive tiers for optimal balance.
  • Standalone or Cloud - Hosted on a single Virtual Machine for standalone or scalable cloud system.
  • Semantic Search Engine - Semantic algorithm to contextualize data and find asset correlations.
  • Built-in Video Editing & Transcoding - Built-in video editing and transcoding tools to handle and process videos.
  • DAM Workflows - Create workflows – from importing to delivery, with automation triggers.
  • Collaboration Tools - Collaborative tools for asset creation, licensing, marketing, to distribution.
  • Multi User - Complete user management system for managing users, groups, & access.
  • Sharing-friendly - Share links to projects or individual assets to internal & external users.
  • Built-in DRM Support - Built-in DRM support over Blockchain to ensure control over licensed assets.
  • Multi-tenancy - Share or distribute digital assets to user groups and external parties.
  • Resource Optimization - System resources are balanced and made available for all services.
  • GDPR Compliant - Supports GDPR with tokenization, cryptography & advanced data mgmt.
  • OTT Delivery - Deliver video assets via OTT connector to IPTV, Web TV, or Social Networks.
  • A.I. Integration - Integrates with Google, AWS, Microsoft and IBM A.I. infrastructures.

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From DAM to Archive Manager

Arkki's "Liquid" database, Link Object, advanced tagging and the robust processing engine work in tandem to create complex nested data collections, and customize and control the entire platform as appropriate—from a simple MAM (such as a media company MAM, or large DAM, to archive libraries.

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